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hey there,

i feel like i can totally relate to everything you write, it’s almost like i am reading about myself. i too battle with depression and the daily hell that goes with. trial and error with different meds, feeling like a space cadet and those days when you are overcome by a horrible wretchedness that you cannot shake. similarly, i am solo in adelaide, family lives back in the country and i’ve been in a hellish relationship for close to two years. although we aren’t together anymore, i still allow myself to have contact with him and continue getting hurt, all for the sake of feeling as though i have some sort of companion. i feel for you, i really do, i know how simply getting up everyday and facing the world is a massive task in itself let alone dealing with everything else that life throws at you. if you ever need a friend or someone to turn to who will understand your predicament, feel free to give me a yell. i’ve left my blog address. all the best, thinking of you- R xxx

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